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She then asked her followers: 'How are you out there people? I have decided to move to another villa. It is so sunny in here. What a great island this Velassaru is.' The post attracted a mixed reaction, with one posting: 'I guess that strong.

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9 Beyond modeling edit In a July 2010 interview with Forbes, Miller explained her shift in focus from modelling to becoming a celebrity brand herself. 6 For that reason, she moved to promoting consumer products in line with her own brand and personality. In July.

Also, a productive day, good training session, shower and no make-up is when I feel myself. Whats your best asset? This is such an awkward question because I dont really know what to say. Physically, maybe my eyes? They say two percent of the world.

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@Xtina will be honored with the @HRCs Ally for Equality award. The singer will receive the honor for her LGBTQ advocacy at the groups dinner in Los Angeles on March 30.

American pop singer Christina Aguilera spun a late- 90s breakthrough into an evolving and genre-hopping career that focused on uplifting ballads and sexually liberated anthems delivered with her iconic voice.

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