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It's not really fair for us to play it out in the press, because ultimately you have to watch it, she says. It's a reality show, so you will see what really happened and I encourage the audience to tune in and see the real.

She tells ET her new tagline (You can stab me in the back, but whilst youre there, kiss my a) is directed at her entire cast. Its just how I was feeling, Vanderpump admits.

Erika says her observation from season six, that Vanderpump is a sniper from the side, still stands in season nine. I said it the first time, she doubles down. I already said what I have to say, everyone else can pick up where I left.

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She promises fans will see more Teddi this year, but not a different Teddi than on season eight, her first. The changes are so extreme, you just don't know what to expect, she adds.

It's also about people coming together and really developing friendships, which I think is very cool, Erika Girardi says. And you'll see some friendships break in a way that you didn't think they would.

We mixed business with pleasure, Aaron adds. As for how shed sum up her first season as a housewife, Denise calls it fun. The timing was right and if I'm gonna do a show like this, I would want to be my true authentic self.

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Now, its unclear what the drama is after the dog stuff blows up. We do know that Vanderpump essentially stopped filming with her co-stars part-way through the season, though continued to film on her own.

Still, Kyle says she hopes, one day, to reconcile with her once-close friend, but admits the ball is in Lisa's court. Well, it would be nice if you could see the person, she admits, with a laugh.

It was upsetting in the moment. It's upsetting to watch. My husband still has not seen that, so it's very difficult. I care about both Lisa and Ken and I never imagined that it would get to that point and it's unfortunate.

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