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Prior to joining CMTP, Dexter conducted healthcare research in a variety of areas, including clinical research on cardiovascular MRI with the Stephenson Cardiac Imaging Centre at the University of Calgary and policy research on access to medicines with the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University.

Susan has always been passionate about bridging the gaps between clinical research, healthcare delivery, and patient needs. She will continue making efforts to improve the quality of healthcare research through projects at CMTP.

Prior to that Ellen was an Assistant Scientist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health where her work focused on patient preference studies and multi-stakeholder engagement. Ellen received a PhD in Health Economics and Policy specializing in stated-preference methods from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg.

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Other key projects have included a collaboration with the Molecular Evidence Development Consortium to develop diverse stakeholder consensus on a core set of data elements and values in oncology (Conley RB, Dickson D, Zenklusen JC, et al.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from McGill University and an MSPH in Health Policy at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. President, HealthCore Marcus Wilson is President of HealthCore, Anthems wholly-owned outcomes research subsidiary.

Elizabeth is also preparing for follow-up work on measurements and instruments to be used with the core sets, which will have a special focus on the identified novel outcomes associated with new technologies.

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Prior to joining CMTP, Susan had a career in sales, marketing, and graphic design. She has an accomplished background from owning a marketing agency for ten years to working as a government contractor.

Dexter also supports multi-stakeholder collaborations to address public health and health policy issues, including the Secondary Fracture Prevention Coalition managed by CMTP. In the future he will be focusing much of his efforts on the development of core outcomes sets for late-phase clinical trials of therapeutics.

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