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Relativism is the mask of Judas disguised as an intellectual (emphasis mine). The good cardinals zeal for reform and prophetic insight are evident throughout the introduction to his new book. Bishop Athanasius Schneider You dont need to be a devout Catholic to recognize that the.

The faithful Catholic laity naturally longs to hear their leaders speak out and be the voice of orthodoxy in a troubled time. Perhaps a good way to look at this problem is through the lens of a kitchen table issue that many Catholic families experience.

There was a lack of ascesis in the life and formation of seminarians. It has been proven by two thousand years, and by human nature, that without physical ascesis like fasting, praying, and even other forms of corporal mortifications, it is impossible to live a.

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Thomas More, was the only bishop to refuse the Oath of Succession declaring Henry VIII head of the Church in England and lost his head for it. When we look at the contemporary ecclesial landscape, we should never limit what the Holy Spirit can do.

Those who depart from the teaching of the Magisterium also receive a stern rebuke: We tolerate any calling into question. The Catholic doctrine is challenged, and in the name of self-styled intellectual postures, theologians take pleasure in deconstructing dogma and in emptying morals of their.

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The list goes on and on. In turning our gaze to the Vatican, its nice to daydream about Cardinal Robert Sarah becoming pope someday, but, again, such hopes need to be tethered to certain facts on the ground.

Subjectively there may be mitigating circumstances, but objectively it is a grave sin. Every sexual act outside a valid matrimony is against the will of God. It offends God and is a serious sin, a mortal sin.

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