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A: I don't go to movies that often. The last movie I seen was Brise de Nice. Q: Despite a sense of humor, what do you look for in a guy?.

Q: Hi cutie girl, what's your name? A: Hi, I'm Veronika, I'm 20 years old, I'm Russian, but I live in Montreal. Q: Say something in Russian. A: Perrivette Cardeella. Q: What does that mean?

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A: He has to be calm too. Q: What should a guy never talk about on your first date? A: What he's not good at? All his defects. It gives you a bad impression.

Q: And if he does everything right. What are the chances that he takes you home that night? A: If he's my type, cus I'm picky. Chances are, Maybe, Good? Maybe, maybe we'll see.

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Q: Are you a party girl? A: Depends, sometimes I'm paid to be in a party, I'm paid to be a showgirl. When I'm paid I can be pretty wild. Q: What was the last movie you saw?

A: Physically he has to have a perfect mouth. I have to kiss him everywhere. Big, tall. Q: Is he Blonde? A: Oh no-no. I prefer Dark ones. Latinos, Portuguese. Q: What do you think, would be your best qualities?

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